Social Media Marketing

Modern marketing requires a robust presence on the social web. 82% of prospects can be reached via social media. It can be a great equaliser for brands of all sizes, changing the way the marketing message is ‘pushed’.

How does Starnode help?

Developing a social media strategy

Build or analyse your brand’s current efforts and get a customised social media strategy that aligns with your target audience.

Managing social media profiles

Stay on top of the social game with us creating and publishing content, monitoring and responding to comments and messages.

Paid social media advertising

Promote your brand through sponsored ads while we create and manage social ad campaigns, set up ad accounts, develop ad creatives and manage budgets. 

Creating engaging content

Generate engagement and aid brand recall with our compelling content designed to build a lasting relationship with your customers.

Influencer marketing

Get resource efficient with us identifying the right influencers, chalking a creative strategy and activating full-scale influencer campaigns.

Social media analytics

Track and analyse your social media data to further optimise social media strategy, refine content, and improve overall social media performance.

We would love to hear about your challenges or opportunities. Let's create magic together!