Starnode is a marketing agency that provides digital branding and marketing services including social media marketing, influencer marketing and public relations strategy and consulting.

Starnode was termed with the words ‘node’, the first point of growth and an interconnection and ‘star’, looking upward towards succession. Starnode was born out of the need to start with a clear, well-defined conversion goal and integrate digital services into an overall marketing strategy that would help brands position themselves better. This is imperative for brands to maximise their cyber presence, develop communities and build trust.

With social media marketing taking up nearly 70% of digital spends and touted to surpass the US 200 billion dollar mark by 2024, brands are looking at social media’s ability to draw audiences as a perennial opportunity to engage and serve them better. However, the challenge lies with too many channels and a lack of clear understanding of how to systematically and measurably communicate, while bringing accountability in the boardroom. We make order of that chaos.

Starnode is in the business of influence and handles the full digital marketing process from strategy and concept to deployment and reporting to deliver effective and uniform communication. We have a voracious appetite for acquiring new ideas and are skilled at setting them in motion. Our brand promise is to create thriving value propositions and total connectedness by taking a holistic approach to marketing with a positive effect on your brand and we would like our clients to know as the digital experts who understand the interplay between marketing efforts at the speed of the ever-changing industry. We don’t want to be mere conduits.

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